Interstellar (2014)

The relationship of parent to child is, like the relationship of a five-dimensional descendant to its primitive ancestor, one of shepherding and benevolent deception. Some truths (such as the fact that it will be almost a century until you meet your father again, or the solution to quantum gravity equations) are so difficult to comprehendContinue reading “Interstellar (2014)”

Jaws (1975)

Much like our current crisis, there is an obvious solution to the problem facing the characters on Amity Island. Just as sharks don’t have feet, which makes them easy to avoid by staying on land, COVID-19 can’t survive without a host, making it easy to avoid by staying inside and avoiding large gatherings. Yet, drawnContinue reading “Jaws (1975)”

The Ascent (1977)

In that long ascent to the gallows, would we have the courage to stay true to our ideals, or would they evaporate under the demands of self-preservation? Rybak’s rationalization would, I think, ring true in that moment—what use am I dead? If I stay alive I’ll have some chance to continue to fight for whatContinue reading “The Ascent (1977)”

My Own Private Idaho (1993)

The ebb and flow of Mike and Scott’s tangled and fraught relationship obscures the stark differences in where they are coming from and where they are headed. In that brief extended moment when their overlapping oscillations sync up, we are treated to a carefree journey of self-understanding and friendship, marked by an openness and acceptance that’sContinue reading “My Own Private Idaho (1993)”

My Brother’s Wedding (1983)

Poor Pierce, caught between his parents’ upward ambitions and the rough and tumble community of his adolescence. Not quite suited to either, he floats through life a constant assistant to someone else’s priorities, always there to help but never appreciated. By the final minutes, he’s spread himself just a bit too thin and, in anContinue reading “My Brother’s Wedding (1983)”