Interstellar (2014)

The relationship of parent to child is, like the relationship of a five-dimensional descendant to its primitive ancestor, one of shepherding and benevolent deception. Some truths (such as the fact that it will be almost a century until you meet your father again, or the solution to quantum gravity equations) are so difficult to comprehend from a limited perspective that they must be cloaked in fabrications and misdirection to be suitably appreciated. The frustration and rightful moral anger at being deceived is a regrettable burden to be borne by the enlightened as they watchfully guide the unsighted towards the task only them (those perspectivally limited) can successfully complete. 

In this case, Nolan’s focus is time and how it shapes and limits our perspectives, projects, and relationships. Yet, Nolan’s thematic interests are often self-reflexive, and here he offers us a glimpse of the atemporal perspective, using cross-cutting and montage to juxtapose events happening simultaneously in different time spans and across different parts of the galaxy. It’s a glimpse at the transcendent point of view inaccessible to our heroes, and to us, were it not for the movies. \\ Blobcat

Once you’re a parent, you’re the ghost of your children’s future.

Joseph Cooper

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